The unknown is often scary.

It is normal to fear what we do not know.

Sometimes that fear stops us from exploring.

And keeps us from enjoying the treasures of life.

For we cannot know everything that will happen in our life.

There is so much in this universe that is beyond our comprehension.

And the biggest mystery of all is where do we go when we die.

We rarely talk about death in polite company.

It is a topic that is shunned in our general conversations.

Unless there is some gruesome accident or horrible tragedy.

Even then we do not talk about it in a personal way.

Like it is something that only happens to others.

Yet the mystery of our own mortality is one of the most important events we can contemplate.

And in contemplating our own demise we can come to great insight and peace.

Though it is much more common to find that we push it away and do not think about it until we become ill or deteriorate physically.

Then we only face it with fear and trepidation.

When we do that we deny ourselves one of the greatest opportunities that life offers us.

For mysteries can be fascinating and thrilling.

Death is no different.

In fact, it is the greatest mystery of all.

So why do we face it with fear instead of curiosity?

Could we not shift our trepidation into gratitude?

Gratitude that we get to participate in the greatest adventure of our lives?

Of course when our demise comes at a young age it can feel like a tragedy.

When we see so much unfulfilled promise and potential.

Still, in our own lives, we know how much we have experienced and learned over the years.

And when we are at peace in our lives we can approach death in a peaceful way as well.

Perhaps not all the time.

Even feeling that way some of the time is a great accomplishment.

Maybe the greatest of our lifetime.

Death may be an ending, and it is also a beginning.

A beginning of what comes next.

Of what awaits us on the other side of life.

No one knows for certain what that will be like.

So why not prepare ourselves for the eventuality with grace.

For a life well lived is best way to face the end of that life.

And curiosity for what comes next instead of fear is far more empowering.

Have you contemplated your own death?

Can you make peace with your life so you can at peace with your death as well?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour