There is a great seeming paradox in life.

It confuses our minds, yet our heart and soul know its true.

And it is all about our desires.

Or rather our attachment to achieving our desires.

For the great mystery is how hard it feels to achieve our desires when we are so attached to them.

Yet almost the moment we let the attachment go, they almost magically show up.

Like when we so desire to find a partner in life.

We seek and search and go out looking for that person everywhere.

Yet it is only when we give up, and feel we will never find them, they show up in our life.

What happens when we give up is we release our attachment to finding them, and now they appear.

Or when we struggle and strive so hard to achieve a business or career goal.

It feels like we've worked so hard to get that promotion or take our business to the next level.

We think about how long and hard we have worked towards that goal.

And those thoughts make it so difficult to drop the attachment to actually achieving it.

And suddenly, when we least expect it, after we feel that we will never reach it, we get it.

So why is that?

Why is it that when we finally drop our attachment to getting the very thing we are seeking, it comes to us naturally?

It is because so many emotions and feelings come along with the attachment.

And indeed, the very act of desiring something so much carries with it the fear that it will not come.

That fear or that story around it is the very energy that keeps it from showing up.

It is the resistance to achieving it that we don't even know we are carrying around with us.

So the very thing that pulls us toward the goal is the very thing that repels the goal.

It is only through the practice of non-attachment that we drop all resistance.

By being unattached we drop the energy and become neutral to the goal.

We learn to live without it and still go on.

We can now stand in a place where we can be okay with or without it.

And from that place we find surrender and presence to what truly is going on around us.

That place of surrender is one of the most powerful places to be.

So is there some big goal or dream you have that you are too attached to?

Can you drop your attachment and be okay without it?

Let's try it and see what happens.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant