It is easy to look at the world and be sad.

There are so many unsettling things happening.

People seem to be more divided than ever before.

Yet that is not the whole situation.

There is something else going on at the same time.

Something subtle, yet profound.

And although it is not apparent, you can see signs of it everywhere.

Signs that people are becoming more aware and self-conscious every day.

More people are meditating than ever before.

People are looking into more practices of healing and personal development than ever before.

in fact, when you pay attention to the right things, you will notice a flowering of consciousness.

It is not a movement or a new religion.

There is no centralized organization in charge of it all.

Yet it is happening, nonetheless.

People are waking up to a new level of consciousness each and every day.

And as more people wake up, it creates an ever-increasing wave of energy around the planet.

It is an unstoppable wave.

A wave that will bring with it a new era for humanity.

This does not mean there are no problems to deal with.

It does not mean everything will be easy from now on.

In fact, it actually means the opposite.

As people realize what is truly going on in this world, there will be more challenges to deal with.

And as our collective consciousness shifts, we will be mobilized into greater action.

For we will care more.

And be motivated more.

We will love more.

This flowering of consciousness is inevitable.

And it cannot be stopped.

So each day, as more and more of us open up to the great inner work of self-realization, we will affect others by our mere presence.

We do not have to say a word.

Actions will be besides the point.

The frequency that is generated will be felt by all.

And those who are ready will entrain to it's vibration.

With each breath we breathe, we serve the world.

It may not be pretty along the way.

Yet that is only a temporary state.

Consciousness will always continue to evolve.

And each of us plays our own part in the great play.

So where in your life can you seek greater understand and compassion?

How can you practice a more enlightened way to live?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour