We go through life never really knowing our impact.

People come into and out of our life.

We connect and reconnect at various points.

Our words, actions, and presence leaves an impression.

How much or what kind of impression we never really know.

Unless we are lucky enough to hear back from someone.

And when that one person tells us how much we meant to them, it means the world to us.

Many times we had no idea how much of an influence we were.

How that simple act of kindness, or few words of advice helped them.

In fact, while we are just being who we are, our impact is being felt all around us.

Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, bosses, customers, vendors, everyone whom we spent time with notices us.

And when the conversation is over and they go on their way, we have no clue how that conversation will affect them.

Not only in the moment, or for that day, but for years to come.

The drop in the ocean that is our voice reverberates out for decades.

And we are clueless about it.

So those rare occasions when someone comes back to us and actually tells us how we affected them are truly priceless.

So let's not be shy about telling others how they affected us.

Let's make the effort to find those special people for our life and let them know what a difference they made to us.

For they will never know unless we do tell them.

So who has affected your life in a positive way?

Do they know it?

Perhaps it is time to let them know...

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant