There is a difference between trust and faith.

We can trust ourselves, yet still not have faith.

It is important to know when we need which one.

And to build upon the one we need most.

Trust allows us to operate in a world with confidence.

We trust that we will receive our mail, have food to eat, and be safe when we leave our home.

We trust in the systems that are built around us, transportation, banking, healthcare and education.

Our trust allows us to get up in the morning, do our work, and make a contribution.

The trust we have in ourselves, in our ability to make decisions and keep ourselves healthy and safe, is earned through our experiences in life.

Yes, trust is earned.

It is earned by ourselves and by others.

Faith, on the other hand, is a belief.

It is that quality that transcends trust, to something greater.

We have faith that things will work out.

We have faith in those beliefs that offer no concrete experience.

Faith takes us where trust cannot.

It moves us forward in the darkest hours and in the most difficult situations.

When we have faith, we can step out into the unknown and still thrive.

We can trust ourselves, yet we have to have faith that that trust is not misplaced.

Trust takes hard work to build up, and can be easily broken.

Faith comes to us for no reason at all, and stays with us through the most trying times.

Knowing whether we need more trust or more faith is an important distinction.

Do you need to trust in someone more or have faith that regardless what that person does, things will be okay?

We can have faith in Life, and trust that we are doing our part.

So next time you face a challenge, it might be helpful to ask, Do I need more trust or more faith?

Both are necessary.

Our job to learn when to lean on and develop which one of them.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant