When we delve into deep spiritual work we can feel not good about ourselves.

As we recognize more of our conditioning we may feel that we have to fix ourselves.

That there is something wrong with us for being the way we are.

That we will never get to the end of all this work.

It is a trap the mind sets for us.

For the mind is always looking for something to fix.

Something to accomplish.

Yet the spirit knows otherwise.

Actually, doing the deep inner work is more about uncovering than about fixing anything.

For really we do not need to be fixed.

We feel this way because we lose sight of the fact that we are perfect.

For how can someone be perfect and still be in pain?

Ultimately, pain is not really the issue.

The issue is the story we make up around the pain.

And that story creates suffering.

So when we dive in to do our own personal work, we can feel overwhelmed.

Yet if we take a different perspective, it can be a much gentler process.

For what we are really doing is just uncovering what is already there.

Not to get rid of it, but to shine a light on it.

To bring to our awareness the conditioning that developed to help us survive.

And we did survive.

So perhaps we can be grateful to that conditioning for doing its job.

As we bring it up to our consciousness we can now consciously take control of our lives and allow that conditioning sit beside us.

We are nw in control.

We are the ones driving the car.

By uncovering what was there we are not fixing ourselves.

We are merely shining the light of consciousness on all the myriad aspects that reside within us.

Not to destroy them or get rid of them.

To integrate them into our awareness and know that they are a part of us as well.

Not separate little demons that need to be exorcised from our souls.

And as we shine the light of conscious on more and more of our being, an interesting thing happens.

We start to feel more whole.

Appreciation for these aspects of ourselves is easier to cultivate.

Acceptance and love for ourselves emerge more fully.

With each level of uncovering, we embrace our inner world a little bit more.

It is not about working so hard until we die.

For as we travel deeper into our own patterning we are merely revealing more of who we really are to ourselves.

And we can begin to love ourselves with all our faults, flaws, and warts.

As we come to the realization that we truly are not broken.

And we truly do not need to be fixed.

So how an you be more gentle with yourself as you uncover those challenging sides of your own psyche?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour