There is a desire in people.

A desire to express.

To bring forth our voice, our movement, our images.

We are natural born creators.

Constantly creating with our ideas, our feelings, and our energy.

These creations are not just a form of amusement for us.

Nor are they a type of artistic indulgence.

When we create art, it comes from a deep place inside us.

Born of our torment, our joy, and everything that has happened to us.

Whether we paint, dance, sign, act, or build a skyscraper, it does not matter.

Every form of creation is an act of celebration.

A celebration of life, of spirit, of love.

Some art is created from our pain.

Often it is created from our longing.

It can even be created from our despair.

No matter what the source of our inspiration is, the result is the same.

Our soul is crying out to be heard, to be seen, to be felt.

And in that act of allowing our internal world to be expressed externally, there is a profound statement.

One that touched others, sometimes around the globe.

People who never knew us, never heard of us, never knew our name, are suddenly captivated by what we have created.

For there is something in our creation that resonates with them on a deep level.

We all want to celebrate life.

Not always our own life, but life itself.

The spirit within us moves us to step out and share something magical with others.

Perhaps the way our spirit moves us is to move our bodies and we dance and perform great physical feats.

For others, it is the simple act of using their voice to sing, to act on stage, or to simply give a speech.

Some of us use our hands and grab a medium that appeals to us and we paint, draw, sculpt, or create something beautiful out of discarded trash.

Each of these art forms touches us in a different, and often, unique ways.

Some forms of art will never appeal to certain people.

While others will flock to an opera, the ballet, a concert, or a gallery.

There is something out there, being created, that appeals to someone.

Every artist finds their tribe, one way or another.

Or rather, their tribe finds them.

For when we are brave enough to put our works of creation out there for all to see, surely, the people for whom it is meant will find it.

We do not have to like all art.

Yet all art finds someone to like it.

For the one thing all art has in common is that it is ultimately a celebration of life.

And sometimes what resonates with us is just the act of celebration, and the form is inconsequential.

So the next time you think about creating something new, just remember that you are celebrating something important by creating it.

Let's celebrate life in as many forms of expression that we can.

Do you have something burning inside of you waiting to be expressed?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour