We all need something to celebrate every now and then.

A chance to lift our spirits.

A moment to bring friends together.

Sometimes any excuse will do.

Yet there are so many things to celebrate in life.

If we choose to , we can always find something.

A sunny day.

A new friend.

An unexpected conversation.

There are so many opportunities.

Perhaps we don't have to wait for that one time a year when we celebrate our birth.

Maybe we can just make celebration a part of our daily life.

What if we just find one thing a day to celebrate.

No matter how big or small.

It doesn't make a difference.

Sometimes learning to celebrate the little things can have so much meaning for us.

If we learn to practice it.

If we make the effort to always look for something to celebrate.

It may not be easy to find something everyday.

But how much fun could we have making it a game to find that one thing?

Especially in today's world, let's find something to celebrate.

Let's call a friend with the good news.

Or perhaps we just find a way to celebrate with our closest partner.

Maybe we can learn to celebrate all by ourselves.

For it is the act of celebration that is important.

Not how we do it.

Not why we do it.

Just that we do it!

So can you find something to celebrate to day?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant