Sometimes it is hard to know what to do.

When we are in a situation that does not serve us.

Yet to leave can cause us problems.

We can feel paralyzed about what choice to make.

If we stay we will continue to have issues.

When we go we leave behind something.

It might be people, money or support.

There is almost always some kind of loss.

And there is the uncertainty.

We are not sure if we are doing the right thing by leaving.

Even though the person in charge might be abusive or erratic.

Other people might make excuses for them.

They don't want to see us go, so they encourage us to stay.

Yet deep inside it just doesn't feel right.

We see what we see and we have experienced what we have experienced.

In our bones, we know this is not the right situation for us.

Yet the fear of loss may hold us back.

Until we are ready.

We may wait for that last straw that confirms it to us so obviously.

Now it is time to go.

We can not stay any longer.

The atmosphere has become untenable.

Those who are truly our friends and care about us encourage and support us in the process.

For once we make that decision and step out, we can breathe again.

We can feel that spaciousness in our life again.

And when we find the new situation that fits us better, we know we made the right decision.

Sometimes we have to stick around long enough to do our own work and resolve whatever is unresolved within us.

For if we do not let things go and own up to our side of the relationship we will drag the same energy with us.

Yet once we do resolve things internally, the external will surely change.

The new place, the new opportunity, the new relationship will show up for us.

It may take some time.

It might not happen right away.

Yet when it does, and we can feel the rightness of it, we will smile a deep smile.

Our heart will lighten.

And life will show us that we did make the right decision.

For when we take care of ourselves, life takes of us.

So is there a situation that you have been thinking about leaving?

Are you ready to step out into the unknow and see what life has waiting for you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour