We can all get triggered by how people treat us.

It does not feel good when someone is harsh or unkind.

Yet ruminating on someone else's behavior does not serve us.

For there is something much more important than how people treat us.

We often do not recognize how important it is to pay attention to how we treat ourselves.

For when we treat ourselves with respect, we are rarely disrespected by others.

When we treat ourselves with kindness and compassion, we rarely find anger and harshness.

We just do not allow it.

It all comes down to a decision.

When we decide not to put up with a behavior from ourselves, we will not allow anyone else to do the same to us.

If we show the world that we are worthwhile and have value, the world will respond by valuing us.

It all starts within.

Any treatment that we are experiencing from others that rub us the wrong way is something we are allowing into our reality.

No one can treat us in a manner we will not allow.

We can walk away.

We can not engage.

We can show compassion by knowing that they are mostly hurting themselves.

Just because other people walk around in an unconscious manner does not mean that we have to.

Once our eyes are opened, once we make the choice to live more consciously, then it is up to us to set the example.

To live as we feel is the right way for us to live.

To act as we feel is the proper way to act.

The person we are being in our life speaks volumes.

How we treat ourselves is at the heart of what others see as the way we want to be treated.

Want to be treated better at work? Treat yourself better!

Want to be treated better at home? Treat yourself better!

And that can start by simply saying "No" when we are being treated appropriately.

It does not have to be harsh or judgmental.

It does have to be firm and solid.

How are you treating yourself? Are you seeing that behavior reflected in those around you?

How can you treat yourself better?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant