When we decide to do our deep inner work, feeling safe is essential.

Yet often, we do not know what it takes to feel safe.

We think we should feel safe with someone.

Yet safety is not something in the mind.

It may seem that we have no reason not to feel safe with someone.

Everyone tells us what a great person they are.

Or what an amazing healer or facilitator they are.

So perhaps we discount our own feelings about the person.

We doubt ourselves.

We do not understand why we feel differently.

So we come up with excuses for the other person and do not honor our own intuition.

Eventually, as long as we keep doing our own work, we learn to trust ourselves more than others.

We start to tune in to our own feelings.

And begin to see that feeling safe is not something in our minds.

That all the reasons in the world will not make us feel safe if our body doesn't feel it.

Things start to become clear.

Our resistance to working with that person starts to make sense to us.

Perhaps we even hear stories of other people who have the same feeling.

And as the self-doubt turns into validation, we can begin to honor how we truly feel.

Not how we should feel or how others tell us we should feel.

We honor how we actually feel and we find what we actually need to feel safe.

Once we feel safe to work with someone then we dive in and truly do the deep work.

This does not mean the person we didn't feel safe with is bad or wrong.

They we just not the right person for us.

Regardless of what others may say.

So in order to fully honor ourselves we learn the most important lesson.

To pay attention to how our body and our nervous system feels, regardless of what the mind may say.

And that is how we tune in to our innate intelligence.

So is there someone in your life whom you don't feel safe with, even though you think you should?

How can you honor yourself and find what you need to actually feel safe?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour