Some people think rituals are old fashioned.

That they do not have any relevance in today's world.

So they ignore any form of ritual in their life.

Yet when they do they are missing out on something big.

For there is great power in ritual.

And there are many different kinds of rituals that we can use in our lives.

In fact, there are rituals all around us that we are not even aware of.

The act of ritualizing something is merely the act of repeating it over and over in a specific way.

Is that not how most people live their lives?

The trick is be conscious of the rituals in our lives.

Then we can start to use them to empower and uplift ourselves.

Rituals come in many different forms and sizes.

There are the rituals we use when we engage with others.

And there are rituals we do when we are all alone.

The reason there is so much power in ritual is because of the energy that gets formed around it by the mere repetition of the it.

When you add on top of that the energy of others when it is a shared ritual and the intention, then we are engaging in something is very powerful indeed.

Ancient people understood this about ritual.

They were very careful to follow the rules of a given ritual very closely.

For when that much concentration and energy is put behind a ritual, it gains even more power.

Over time and with so many people all engaging in the same ritual, the power of it surpasses the physical act.

It becomes something more.

Something that lives beyond the immediate moment.

We can all create rituals for ourselves that having meaning to us.

If we share them with others, and share the meaning behind them, we begin to build something bigger and stronger.

For it is not about blindly following something that has been handed down over the centuries.

It is about understanding the reasons it was handed down and the intent that it was handed down with.

If that intent is in alignment with where we are in our lives, then the ritual can serve us tremendously.

Or it might not be in alignment with where we are in our lives and therefore it does not serve us in this moment.

Even if it does not serve us now, it might serve us in the future.

Keeping these rituals alive inside of us is how we continue to feed the energy of the rituals.

And when the time comes when we are in need of aid in our lives, those rituals we once shunned or ignored are still there to help us.

That is the beauty of ritual.

So what rituals do you have in your life?

How can you use ritual to serve you where you are at right now?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour