We often want to know how to do something.

Our minds like to have the certainty of knowing.

To plan things out and be ready.

Yet there is another way that is more rewarding.

Because we are so used to figuring everything out for ourselves, we feel we have to.

Not just sometime, but all the time.

And we miss a great opportunity there.

For our minds are limited.

No matter how brilliant or clever we are.

And by focusing on the mind we miss out on a greater wisdom.

For while we are so busy with our planning and our goals, we get trapped into an old way of being.

Perhaps a very limited way of being.

If we can bring ourselves to a deeper place inside, we can change.

And when we can allow ourselves to be open to the mystery of life, we can stand in the unknown.

Instead of having to figure everything out, we can be present to not knowing.

To drop the need to know how, and focus on the what, brings us more joy.

More ease flows to us when we are willing to dance with the unknown.

We can now be open to the people and opportunities that show up.

To be free from figuring out the details and how exactly to create something we find more grace.

And life will respond with exactly what we need, or something even better!

For the universe has a much greater imagination then we do.

It is the source of all that is.

To be the manager of everything is exhausting.

When we release that need we open ourselves to the real magic of life.

To the serendipities and synchronicities that abound around us.

And suddenly we are no longer doing everything on our own.

For the universe now is serving us the best way it can.

With more possibilities and more opportunities than we could have ever imagined.

What comes to us is far greater than we could have created on our own.

For we are limited in our thoughts.

Yet when we open up to all life has to offer and embody the opportunity to dance with everything, the limitlessness of the universe is now at work for us.

Miracles do happen.

When we allow them.

When we are open to them.

And when we lean into the possibility of them.

It is not easy to come to a place of dancing with all that is.

Yet once we do we are freer than we have ever been.

So where in your life can you release knowing the how and just dance with the possibilities of life?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant