Many people feel they are sensitive people.

They feel it when someone raises their voice.

They know from our subtle actions that we are upset.

This hyper-vigilance is a self-defense mechanism they have developed over time.

Perhaps since they were a child.

Maybe they didn't feel safe and had to know everything that was going on around them.

Yet this kind of sensitivity is very self centered.

They are very aware of anything that affects them.

They can feel it in the air when someone is upset.

And they are the first to notice even subtle changes in a person's manner.

This sensitivity can be a gift.

And it can be a curse.

Either way, it is only one form of sensitivity.

For if we are just sensitive to things that affect us, that does not mean we are sensitive to what affects others.

We may feel threatened by how someone moves.

Yet we may not notice that they are moving that way out of their own pain.

We may not notice when something we do ourselves how it affects another person.

True sensitivity is born out of presence, not trauma.

When we experience trauma as a child we may learn to be sensitive to our environment.

Yet when we are able to heal our trauma we can become truly sensitive as we become more present.

In our ability to be present, we ;earn how to sensitive to another human being.

Not just ourselves.

When someone is energetically sensitive they may just be hyper-vigilant to protect themselves.

This does not mean they are truly sensitive to what is going on to other people.

Real sensitivity is not just being aware to what might affect you, but what might affect other people as well.

Truly feeling what the person in front of you is going through without exchanging word is real sensitivity.

And that form of sensitivity is something we can cultivate over time.

By doing our own internal work.

By working through our own trauma.

And by learning what it is that makes us feel unsafe.

For when we nurture feeling safe within us, we are able to be more present.

And that presence bring real sensitivity with it.

Not just for ourselves, but for everyone else as well.

Are you sensitive around things for yourself but not other? How an you cultivate more safety to be truly present?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant