We often want to create magic in our lives.

To do something special.

Go beyond the realm of probability.

So we try to force and push until it happens.

Yet that usually doesn't work.

When we push too hard and try to manipulate life into doing what we want, things don't go as planned.

The very thing we are trying to cultivate eludes us.

We think we have pay attention to more details.

Work harder at getting everything right.

As if magic is something you put into or take out of a box.

Rarely does it work that way.

By being too attached to the outcome we miss the main ingredient for real magic.

The space and openness to allow magic to manifest.

Magic is not something to be contained or controlled.

It is the result of being open and trusting.

Trusting that life will work out.

That the universe can bring together exactly what is needed in the moment.

And life will know even better than us what is right.

It is more difficult to cultivate this kind of magic as it takes changing how we are being, and not focusing on our doing.

To not to try to control the outcome.

And more importantly, not to expect the magic in the first place.

A true paradox.

To have magic we have to not even consider making it ourselves.

All we really need to do is to hold the space for all the possibilities of life to occur.

And let the universe take care of the rest.

We show up, we do our part.

After that, we just learn how to be present with what is.

And maybe, just maybe, the magic will surprise us.

Is there some place in your own life where you are holding on too tightly for magic to happen?

Can you lighten your grip and just let go, and allow the real magic to surprise you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant