We all desire freedom.

It is a natural inclination.

We always want to move from more restriction to less.

Yet sometimes that desire has its challenges.

We desire to be free and make our own decisions.

However, those decisions are always made in a context.

It could be in the context of family, our jobs, or our neighborhood.

So a tension develops from decide what to do for ourselves, and what to do in the context of others.

What is our responsibility to the collective?

How much should we let the impact on others be taken into consideration?

There is no simple answer.

We are sovereign beings living and working with other sovereign beings.

Our choices and decisions impact the lives of others.

Just as their choices and decisions impact our lives.

So how do we find the balance?

One solution, is not to find the balance in our heads - by weighing all the pros and cons - but to find it in our hearts.

To be still and go inside and feel what is the right choice.

Not from a place of logic or calculations.

But from a place of feeling and connectedness.

Perhaps one choice makes logical sense, yet it still doesn't feel right.

We want our freedom so much we toughen up our hearts so as not to consider anyone else.

Another choice might feel right, yet not seem to make logical sense.

That choice might mean curbing some of our own desires in order to take care of others.

It is a very individual act, for only we know what is truly in our hearts.

Perhaps the truest freedom comes from following our heart's messages and not our mind's.

For which one lifts us up individually as well as collectively?

The heart has a certain wisdom that far exceeds the wisdom of the mind.

Perhaps our truest freedom comes from just being in alignment with what we feel deep in our heart?

So where in your life id there a push and pull around freedom and responsibility to others?

What does your heart say about it?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour