Why is practice so important?

Why does it take so much work to learn something new?

We often think it is about developing and refining the skill.

Yet there is something more going on.

Something more subtle that is happening in the process.

We may not notice it, yet it is can be actually even more important.

And that is that with more and more practice, we become in alignment with the new skill.

After putting in the hours and hours of work at playing a new instrument, or learning a new language, or stating a new job, we now embody what it means to be proficient in that new skill.

Some people can pick things up much more quickly than others.

We often marvel at their ability to learn so quickly.

Perhaps it is not about intelligence or raw talent.

Maybe it is about a lack of resistance to embodying the new skill.

When we think it will take us a long time to learn something, it often does.

If we feel we can pick something up quickly, we are also usually right.

Our own attitude and energy around what we are learning has a lot to do with it.

Whether we feel it is hard to learn or easy, we are usually right.

That is because of our alignment, or lack or alignment, had so much to do with it.

The more we align and believe that we are the person who is a skilled musician, or good at math, or works well in new situations, the easier it all flows to us.

We are not resistant to having to change and adapt and learn something new.

We are more open, and more importantly, we are more eager to have that experience.

Age does not matter.

Talent does not matter.

Environment does not matter.

Except for the fact that we allow them to matter to us.

When we allow ourselves to fully align and become the person we need to be to have that skill, we get there so much faster.

Our own nervous system will align to it.

It may seem magical at times.

Yet the real magic is in our own beliefs, our own attitudes, and our own energy.

So what new venture would you like to be more in alignment with?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant