Relationships can be difficult.

We have all experienced it at some time.

The pain of loss of rejection.

The thrill of passion and connection.

Not matter how guarded we maybe with our heart, someone can find their way in.

It may not be expected.

We may not be prepared for it.

We may not have even been looking for it.

Yet it found us nonetheless.

A best friend we never expected to make.

A lover who makes our hearts sing.

A partner that complements us and helps us to feel whole.

And then there is the other side.

The loss of someone we thought would be with us forever.

A breakup that ends a decades long relationship.

Or perhaps an unexpected death that takes someone away from us.

The coming together and moving apart that happens is all a part of the rhythm of life.

We are forever in motion.

We are getting closer to someone, or distancing ourselves.

They are there for us, or they are unavailable.

So sometimes we find our hearts are aching with the pain of loss and separation.

And sometimes it is filled with the joy of a new connection.

They are both aspects of the relationship we have with life.

Navigating the hard parts is rarely easy.

Dancing with the good parts feeds our soul.

Nothing lasts forever, yet knowing it and living with it are two different things.

Life is lived not just with our minds, but in our hearts, our bodies, and our souls.

All of our being is in relationship to others.

So hearts collide, souls intertwine, bodies attract, and our minds get focused.

Until it all changes, at it inevitably will.

Living with that understanding takes patience and practice.

Everything changes, and so do we.

How are your relationships changing you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant