Sometimes we feel like we are fighting with ourselves.

One aspect or another feels like it is pushing for dominance.

It can even feel like we want to tear ourselves apart.

Yet there is a better way to view what is happening.

We tend to think in terms of war.

Of one side fighting to take control of the other.

It all feels so difficult.

Yet the way energy moves and changes is not like a war or a fight.

It is more like a dance.

Flowing from one side to the other.

Perhaps one partner tries to keep the lead over the other.

Forcing things to go one way.

Yet if we view it as a dance it feels more fluid.

What was once a fight and a struggle inside of us can be perceived to be more fun.

Instead of feeling like we are about to be torn apart, we are now merely in a dance where different sides can take the lead.

We are no longer at war with ourselves.

Now, we can be flexible in our composure.

We can enjoy the performance and watch with curiosity.

And not be so attached to an outcome, for the dance just keeps going.

So it no longer is about getting to a result.

It is now about how we play along the way.

We can learn to have more fun on journey.

And we stop judging what is going on inside as something difficult or painful.

When we allow ourselves to dance through life we find greater ease and grace.

A whole new way of being.

One where we stop condemning ourselves and feeling like we are stuck.

Now we can change the tempo or just change the music we are dancing to.

And suddenly there is a whole new dance to danced.

Is that not a better way to live?

So what in your life have you been battling with yourself where you can now dance with yourself?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant