We often look at our healing path as something very personal.

As something that is only for ourselves.

That we are just trying to feel better in our own lives.

To process our trauma and not let it control us anymore.

Yet there is more going on.

Once we step upon our healing path we are entering into a large world.

One with pitfalls and blessings.

A world where magic can happen and life can surprise us at any moment.

And still there is more going on.

For when we look at our healing journey as something that is so immediate and small, we miss the larger gift.

We miss seeing how it fits in to the greater whole.

The perspective we carry is one that is usually limited by our own physicality and time on this earth.

It is one that is linear and short sighted.

That is normal, and most people perceive it that way.

In the world of energy, of the fundamental nature of the universe, everything is interconnected.

One piece affects all the others.

Our stepping on the healing path is not just for ourselves.

It is for our ancestors, our descendants, and all those around us.

For healing our traumas and processing the energies that we hold from them, affects not only us, but everyone.

Everyone in the world is a part of it.

Like one drop in the ocean is only a drop, it is still part of something vast.

So are we.

And our decision to stop handing down the energy of trauma affects the flow of energy in all directions.

Back to the past, forward to the future, and to the sides all around us.

As we start to shift our own energy we affect those closest to us.

Our family, our friends, and our coworkers.

We are not an island that is isolated and cut off from the rest of the world.

Life is far more interwoven and connected for it to work that way.

One person's salvation is everyone's salvation.

As the least of us rises up, we all rise up.

And even the person who thinks that no one knows them or cares about them, makes a difference in this vast sea of energy.

The collective is far more than any of us individually.

Yet it holds all of our sorrow, our pain, and our joy.

As we work on ourselves and learn how to process and bring our pain to the light, we are supporting everyone else who is doing the same thing.

We are paving the way and making it easier for those who join us along the way.

Contributing not only our experience and our stories, but our frequency as well.

So the more people who come to find liberation from their pain, the more people will be able to find that liberation.

Healing is not just about helping ourselves to feel better in our own lives.

It is about helping the billions of spirits out there find their way back home as well.

Back home to our hearts and souls.

Do you think your healing is only about you?

Can you see how your healing can affect at least those around you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour