As humans, we can get scared.

Sometimes, we are just anxious.

Fear can creep in as well.

Whatever our bodies are feelings, there is one potent thing we can do.


Our breath is so important.

It is also a powerful tool.

As we practise to become more conscious when we get upset, we often find our breath is shallow.

When we are scared or worries, our breath can become rapid.

Learning to slow down and take some long, deep breaths is one of the best ways to manage how we feel.

Our breath is so powerful, yet it is an under-utilized resource.

Before entering into a situation that makes you nervous, take a few long, slow, deep breaths.

When we find ourselves in an unfamiliar or potentially dangerous situation, take a few long, slow, deep breaths.

When we are in pain, take a few long, slow, deep breaths.

Are we trying to relax and calm down after a nerve wracking event?

Take a few long, slow, deep breaths.

One of the reasons breathing is so powerful is that it brings us back to presence.

When we are conscious of and focusing on our breath, we are in the present moment.

And when we focus on our breaths we are also practicing self-regulation.

It works for pain too!

This does not mean the pain or the scary situation will go away.

Of course not.

It just makes it easier to deal with and gives us the ability to have more access to our own natural resources.

Usually, we have what we need to get through a situation.

Yet it sometimes takes stopping and taking a breathe to realize that.

It also helps us to slow down and pulls us out of our mind.

When our thoughts are racing out of anxiety or nervousness, our breathe makes it possible to take the focus off our thoughts and onto our body.

Not sure if it can work for you?

Just try it.

Where in your life can you use the breathe to help you with the situation?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant