Being with ourselves is not always easy.When we are without distractions we see ourselves more clearly.Our attention has no where to turn except inward.

So now we have to face ourselves in full honesty.

There is no one else looking at us in the mirror.We cannot blame anyone else for what is happening in our own home.There is nothing to stop us from eating better.Or from exercising more.From taking better care of ourselves.To learning to think more for ourselves and not listen to others.Now is a perfect time to tune in to our bodies.To feel our hearts.To listen to our minds.And to let our souls guide us.If we allow ourselves to turn off the TV and just sit.We can learn so much about ourselves.

Just look at what we are, and are not, doing.

Look at how we treat ourselves.Are we being compassionate with ourselves?Are we truly loving ourselves?If not, why not?Do we allow for those uncomfortable feeling to arise?Or are we still suppressing them?Now is not the time to hide.We may be stuck indoors, and we can still be visible.We can be honest with ourselves and our loved ones.Being the example we would like others to follow.

We can communicate more honestly with people.

About how we are feeling.About what we are doing.As they are not in front of us we do not have to fear their response.Yet first we must be honest with ourselves.Where are we in our lives?What can we do about it?

We have the time to think about the deeper questions of life.

About how we are living.And about how we want to live.There is so much that can change right now.And it can change for the better.If we allow it to.If we have the courage to.Let us not waste this precious time.Let us find a way to use to our advantage.Who knows when we will get this chance again.This is a golden opportunity shrouded in a crisis.

Let us find the grace to let the first burn through us without burning us.

We can be better.We will be better.If we want to.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant