Sometimes we start off with an idea.

We think we know what we want to do.

Steps are taken in that direction and movement begins.

Things may start to go well and then we begin to wonder.

Then we start to question ourselves about the choices we made.

The second guessing and the misgivings start to emerge.

Our self confidence might start to waiver and we may to begin to doubt ourselves.

And now we come to a choice point in our lives.

Do we continue forward on our path or do we switch things up?

Can we now make a different decision when we are in the middle of the process?

It is quite normal to have doubts.

Being human means we are not always certain about the path we choose.

Yet how do we judge whether we are on the right path or if this new direction is the right way to go?

It is true that sometimes we are just looking for an excuse to not commit ourselves to our current path.

We can also be pulled in a new direction because now that we have more information, our current path just doesn't feel as good as it once did.

If we are to move forward it is up to us to decide which direction is right for us.

Sometimes we make that decision from our mind.

And other times we make that decision from our heart.

Depending on where we are in our lives and how grounded we are in our heart or our mind will determine where the decision is made.

Perhaps either choice is the right one.

Could it be that no matter which direction we decide to go, that we will ultimately learn something valuable?

For if we decide to switch directions, and it does not end up the way we would like, does that not give us more information?

And if we stay the course and keep going in spite of our intuition or feelings, isn't that also a wonderful thing to recognize?

Yes, sometimes we want to change for all the wrong reasons.

Conversely, sometimes we are afraid to change course for the wrong reasons as well.

In the end, it really comes down to how open we are to what life will bring us next.

As long as we keep an open mind and learn from each decision, we never truly make a wrong decision.

Perhaps things do not happen in the manner we would like.

Maybe it take longer to get where we want to be.

And still we can be learning valuable lessons in spite of everything.

We are human.

Humans sometimes make mistakes.

And that's okay because that is how we learn.

So do you feel you have made any mistakes lately?

What have you learned from those wonderful mistakes?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour