We all love stories.

Ancient stories, modern stories, and everything in between.

Some of these stories are more profound.

So they turn into myths.

And myths turn a story into something very special.

Myths touch upon something very deep and fundamental to our nature.

They capture the essence of what it means to be human.

And they raise our awareness and our consciousness of how to live a better life.

There is something very archetypal about myths.

Yet they are not to be taken literally.

Unfortunately, there are many myths in the world that are taken literally.

And when that happens we hold onto the allegory or the metaphor tightly.

We believe they are true and real.

When they are meant to be an indication of something, not the thing itself.

This is what has happened in religion.

A powerful myth around how to grow spiritually has ben codified and turned into a history.

When in fact, the stories were meant to inspire and inform our own spiritual journey.

They were not mean to limit us or raise us above someone else.

These stories are archetypal stories of how to transform our own consciousness into something greater.

Something grander, something more heroic.

The myth is a map, not the territory.

It is something to stir up our soul, and call us to be the greater person we dream of being.

Myths use powerful symbols and characters to inform us and teach us.

To teach us how to be better people, how to deal with challenges, and how rise above the confusion of life.

The same way a modern movie can be a myth for modern times, yet they are not something to be taken as reality.

So too the myths of ancient times are not to be taken as a literal story of actual events.

They are so much greater than that.

To take a myth as a literal story does a great disservice to the myth.

And to ourselves.

So is there a myth that inspires you in your own life?

What can you learn from myths old and new?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour