Making a special connection with someone is rare.

Yet every now and then we come across someone who just feels right to us.

Who it feels natural to be with.

And we know that this relationship feels different.

It might be just a friend or a mentor.

Or it could end up being a lover.

The person might feel like a long lost brother or sister.

What type of relationship it is does not really matter.

For it is all about the resonance we feel with the other person that truly matters.

And the resonance They feel with us.

Intimacy is created is a very short time because the sense of safety is immediate.

There are no airs and no posturing with each other.

Just a palatable presence.

Because these types of connections are so rare, we treat them as more precious than gold.

As more important than our own advancement.

We look to support them in any way we can.

And they look to do the same.

Not out of obligation or sense of responsibility.

This action comes from our heart and from a pure place inside us.

We may not know why we feel this connection and love for another.

Some say that we could have known this person in another life.

Or that there is some ancient history with their bloodline.

No one really knows.

All we know for certain is the experience of it because it is so out of our normal life.

These meetings are magical and precious beyond measure.

And we always try to treat them that way.

The funny thing is, we can have that kind of connection at any moment when we are truly ready for it.

They can come to us when we least expect it, or most in need of it.

Or perhaps they show up in our lives at the most random of times.

When it happens is not as important as just recognizing that it happened.

That there is someone special in front of us.

And listen to our heart's message even if on the outside their appearance is not what we would normally pay attention to.

For there is real magic in the world, we just have to keep our eyes open to see it.

Have you had a magical connection with someone lately?

Where you present enough to recognize it when it happened?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour