The world is becoming smaller every day.

How connected we are as a global society is evident in almost every facet of life.

Yet so much apparent resistance exists to coming together.

The divisions between us seem to be getting larger each day.

Divisions of race.

Divisions of economic class.

Even divisions of faith and religion that could unite us divide us even more.

When we look at another person do we see ourselves or someone to hate?

Do we find our commonalities or do we focus on our differences?

Too often we hear the stories of injustice and prejudice in the world.

What about the stories of kindness and compassion that exist?

When will we value those more?

Each of us individually get to choose.

If we stop reading articles about hate, perhaps there will be less of them.

If we start watching news items about how kindness created something wonderful, perhaps we will see more of them.

It is only when the lessons of love, of connection, that we can truly come together.

Not to fight one another.

Not to blame one another.

But to build something new, something better, something lasting.

If we can let our own pain and hurt go just long enough to touch someone else's life, perhaps we can inspire one other person to do the same.

What would happen then?

The subversive force of love could spread far and wide.

And those who want to divide us would loose their power.

Those who want to unite us not through fear but through connection would rise up.

We can make that change happen.

We can be a force for kindness.

Let's start small, with just one act.

Then nurture it, spread the word, and allow that to be what defines us.

When will you be ready for such a subversive act?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant