We all want to help.

There is an innate desire to contribute and support those around us.

Especially our family and friends.

Yet it is easy to fall into a trap when we do.

It is the trap that causes us to lose our balance.

To make others more important than ourselves.

And we end up living our lives for other people.

It may sound noble, but it is not.

To have a life that truly inspires others, we have to include ourselves.

Doing everything for the other people in our life is not sustainable.

When we do it not just for days, butfor weeks and years, it will leave us hollow.

It can drain us beyond measure.

Until one day we wake up and we realise that there is nothing in our life that is just for us.

That we have missed out on a life of joy and happiness in exchange for one of responsibility and obligation.

For in all our giving through our life we have included the most important person.


We must fill up our own cup to the point of overflow to truly give from a place of joy.

For when we give from a place of joy and not obligation, then we can truly give the other person what they need.

Not what they want, but what they need.

When we find ourselves in situations that have gone far beyond what we expected can it be hard to pull ourselves out.

Yet we must, even if others disagree or are disappointed in us.

For a life spent living only for other people is not a life worth living.

It is slavery to an idea that is not sustainable.

So let us fill up our own cup.

Let's find the joy and fun in our life that makes it feel worth it to be alive.

And in the process we can include helping others, when it truly serves them and not enable them.

That is a life worth living.

So where in your own life have you lived for others and not included yourself?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour