We often feel that we are ones living life.

That we are the source of what comes to us.

Our effort and our will is what brings things to us.

Yet there is another way to see life.

Another way to look at how the universe works.

Perhaps it is not us living life.

Maybe Life is living us.

What if life is actually calling us and breathing through us?

Could it be possible that instead of us being the generator of our thoughts, dreams and aspirations, it is life itself?

Can we even imagine what it would be like if the very things we feel called to do come from something far beyond us?

How would we change?

If we stop living as if our force of will is the only way for things to get, we may find things comes to us much easier.

We may be surprised to learn that it requires so much less effort and struggle on our part.

And if we can even consider that the dreams and ideas we have that pull us forward are not about us, but about creating something even beyond our own imagination.

For it is not about us, unless we make it so.

It is about the calling we feel deep inside to create something new, something different.

To find a new way of doing things or a new way of being.

Birthing something new into this world that hasn't been seen before.

Or maybe it is as simple as just being kind to someone who really needs it.

When we stop making it about ourselves and making it about life itself, suddenly our whole way of being is different.

We show up not for the ego gratification or the accolades.

We show up just to do what it is our hearts are calling us to do.

For life does not care how many mansions you have or how many yachts you own.

Life is about creation, fulfillment, and joy.

Life is about making things better for everyone, not just ourselves.

Perhaps that is why life has called us into being.

To be more than we thought we could be, and do more than we thought we could do.

For life has greater plans for us than we imagine.

We just have to get out of the way.

So how can your start to live as if life is being lived through you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant