Many times we are rushing from one place to the next.

Or from one project to the next.

Sometimes we rush from one appointment to the next.

It can feel like this is the normal pace of life.

Yet when we look around at nature, we find that is not the case.

Nature doesn't rush.

It doesn't move so quickly.

Nature is slow.

The trees grow slowly.

Plants grow and respond tot he light slowly.

The tides move slowly.

In fact, everything in nature is slow, except for people.

We rush from house to the car to the mall and back tot he car and back home.

Whether we work from home or work at an office, we rush to work and rush to get things done.

Sometimes, we do need to rush.

Yet in most of life, we can actually slow down.

We can move more slowly when we have an appointment.

And we can give ourselves more space throughout the day to take our time.

Slowing down can be of great benefit to us.

We can be more mindful and careful with our decisions.

And we can be more purposeful when we engage in something new.

So often we are rushing through life.

Yet the real juice of life is in the tiny moments we take to slow down.

To just sip a cup of tea.

Or stare out the window.

To allow ourselves to be lost in our day dreams.

Or to smell the fresh air as we walk through a park.

When we slow down we can enjoy more of life.

We can be more mindful and more intentional when we enter into something new.

If we really pay attention to nature, we can see that by slowing down we are in rhythm with nature.

Life does not have to be a busy, hectic, experience.

Only we make it that way because we feel we have to move fast.

When we slow down, life becomes more pleasant to experience.

For the magic of life in the small, slow moments.

Where an you slow down in your own life?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour