Starting a new year makes us think.

We think about the past year and the upcoming year.

We think about what has happened and what is yet to be.

Yet sometimes we miss the most important point in time.

And that is the here and now.

When we think about the past we are filled with joyful memories and many regrets.

We think about the future and are filled with anticipation and fear.

All of this only serves to take us out of the present moment.

What is happening right now for us?

Are we happy or sad?

Are we relaxed or stressed?

Does our body feel light or heavy?

Is our heart open or closed?

Are our thoughts serving us or abusing us?

Is our spirit energized or depleted?

There is so much happening in the present moment that we can miss when we allow our thoughts to get us elsewhere.

We may not feel so great in the moment, yet when we stay with it instead of look to avoid it we can learn a great deal about ourselves.

Life is not always pleasant.

It is also not always difficult.

Being present to what is going on with ourselves in this moment is priceless.

For all of life is merely a series of present moments strung together.

If we miss those moments we are not truly being present to our life.

Maybe it is raining outside.

Or perhaps it is cool and clear and crisp.

Each carries with it it's own feeling and gift.

So let's not live a life that is spent exclusively thinking about the past or the future.

Why not try just living a bit more in the here and now.

It may not always be easy.

It may not always be fun.

Yet in the years to come we will be able to look back and know that we lived our life to the fullest.

In each tiny, little moment of it.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant