We all face endings in our lives.

It could be the end of a relationship or the end of a job.

But an ending is not the end.

The end of one year is just the beginning of another year.

There is always another day, another week, another year.

The same is true for everything else in our lives.

One relationship ends, and another begins.

We lose or leave one job only to find another.

A close personal friend passes away, and now we have more time to spend with another.

Life is lived in cycles, not in straight lines.

We live, we grow, and things change all around us.

Each change is not only an ending, it is a beginning as well.

Perhaps a loved pet passes away.

And we grieve our loss.

When we are ready, perhaps we get another one.

Maybe technology changes so much that our industry disappears overnight.

It may feel like a loss or end of our identity.

Yet we are more than our careers or our businesses.

And that ending forces us to do something different, perhaps something new.

Now we have a new identity.

We are not static.

We are ever evolving.

There are ups and downs throughout life.

The important thing to remember is that just after every ending is another beginning.

We can choose to focus on the ending.

Or we can choose to focus on the next beginning.

It is up to us.

Yes, an ending may bring with it a sense of loss.

And of course we may feel that loss more intensely than others.

As long as we remind ourselves that through the grief is a new beginning, we can get through it and not get stuck in it.

For life is a series of endings and beginnings.

And we will experience all of them.

So as this year comes to a close, we can ask ourselves what are we focusing on?

December 31st is an ending for some.

January 1st is the next beginning.

So what are you focusing on this end of year season?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant