We all have desires.

Our intentions and our goals give us direction.

They cause us to focus our efforts.

Yet there is a trap in having expectations.

For expectations are powerful forces indeed.

They cause us close down possibilities.

And often we feel pressure to make those expectations a reality.

When we do that, we miss out on quite a lot.

For expectations often bring with them resistance.

And when we focus so hard on making something happen a certain way, we can lose the magic of life.

There is a forcing that happens when we expect something to happen.

We push and strive and work ourselves into a frenzy.

And when those expectations are not met. we can become angry, depressed, or sad.

On the other hand, when we let go of our expectations, we can be open to possibilities beyond our imagination.

We can find ourselves in situation far greater that anything we could conceive.

Sometimes, we need to get lost to lose our expectations.

And in that moment of feeling lost and without direction, we stumble upon something wonderful.

Or perhaps we are creating an event, and we want everything to be perfect.

In our pursuit of perfection we can squeeze out of the moment any room for magic to happen.

Yet when we focus on being present and being open to what life brings us, we can find enormous opportunity for things to go far beyond what we could have expected.

There is real magic in being open and being present to what life presents.

When we try to control every potential outcome, when we force things to only go a certain way, then that is all life can bring us.

And when we release control, let go of our expectations, then we open the door to the infinite possibilities of life.

When our arms are open, we can receive.

If our arms are folded, then we can only observe.

So let's make this year a year of possibilities and openness.

Let's find more ways to be present to the gifts of life.

Can you find a way to let go of your expectations?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant