We all touch people's lives.

We do it in so many ways.

With our voice, our actions, and our presence.

Yet we often have no idea how much we affect people while we live.

It is so interesting how we learn so much abut a people when they are gone.

When people come together to celebrate their life and tell stories.

As we hear person after person get up and say something about the person who has transitioned, we realize that there was so much to them than we knew.

We see many sides of the person, not just one.

We laugh and we cry at some of the stories of their life.

Why did we wait to tell all these stories until they have moved on?

Could we not have celebrated their life before then?

Perhaps if we came together and told stories of each other, we would have a greater appreciation for each other while we're all still here.

Maybe if we take the time to come together and celebrate one another we would appreciate life more.

Both theirs and ours.

It is a funny thing how we wait until the end of someone's life to say the things we have always wanted to say.

What stops us from saying those things now?

Who knows how long any of us have on this planet.

Why wait?

Perhaps this day is our last. Perhaps not.

None of us knows when we will be gone, so perhaps we can start appreciating each other more while we are here and able to share our voice.

We often do not hear how we have touched someone else's life, even though we have.

When we spend the time to tell the person how they have touched us, they will gain so much from it.

So will we.

Some people are larger than life and there are hundreds or thousands of people who have a tale to tell about them.

And some people are more quiet and reserved, and only a handful of people may have stories about them.

Is one better than another or are we all just playing the part life gave to us to play?

So let's not wait until the end of someone's life to tell out story of them.

Let's reach out today and tell them now.

Do you have someone you have been waiting to tell about how they touched your life?

Do it now.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant