Dancing with the unknown is very helpful.

Learning to be okay with the uncertainty serves us.

Yet there is a more powerful place to come from.

A place where we can be better than okay.

And it is often not an easy place to get to.

It is the place of actually loving and desiring the unknown.

For when we can let go of our attachment to knowing, of having that certainty, we are truly free.

So many of us are so afraid of the unknown.

It feels dangerous to us.

And at one time in our history, it was.

Today is a different story.

Now we live with uncertainty and the unknown on almost a daily basis.

And it doesn't kill us.

It does not hinder us.

Indeed, for those who have adapted to it, the unknown brings with it new treasures.

Treasures for the mind, the body, the heart and the soul.

The first step is just to be okay with the unknown and not to fear it.

The second step is to thrive in it.

And the next step is to fall in love with it.

To look forward to it.

To embrace with all our being in joyful abandonment.

For when we can do that, our world completely changes.

Fear no longer has a hold on us.

We can be present to whatever life presents us with.

And no matter how things go in our lives, we are happy.

Being in love with the unknown does not come naturally to us.

Yet the effort we put into it will reap amazing rewards.

Where can you learn to fall in love just a little with the unknown in your life?

How can that truly serve you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant