There are many sides to every story.

Everyone has a different perception of the same situation.

The same event can look very different to different people.

So where do we find the truth of it?

Perhaps truth is overrated.

Maybe we can stop judging others for having different views from us.

And instead of making someone wrong for not agreeing with us we can just accept they have a different experience of it?

It is always up to us to decide what we are choosing to focu on in the given moment.

We can focus on how others are seeing things differently from us, or we can try to find how they see things the same.

The question is what is our intent?

Are we trying to find ways to come together or are we just trying to make ourselves right?

When we stop and take a moment to see our own intentions perhaps we can see the other person more clearly.

We can see how they can come to completely different conclusions.

And even if we cannot respect their decisions, we can at least understand them.

From understanding we can come closer to finding that common ground.

Or if not, at least we can see where the differences are without making the other person wrong.

By judging others and vilifying them for having a different perspective, we lessen the chances of finding a solution.

If instead we allow them to have their own perspective without judgement, then maybe we can come together.

We can learn to work together towards a common goal even if we are doing it for different reasons.

It is our choice.

We can choose to make them wrong or we can choose to accept that they are just different from us.

That choice will either move us closer together or divide us further apart.

Which would you prefer?

What choice will ultimately serve you more?

Isn't there enough division in world already?

Perhaps now is the time to find more ways to stop the division and focus more on the things we can agree upon.

How would your life be different if you made that your intention instead of looking to be right?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant