We often look for the big experience.

The magic pill that will cure us.

Or the silver bullet that will end our pain.

Yet the quick fix never works.

Real answers take time.

And the fast result never lasts.

Of course we want our pain and anguish to end as soon as possible.

That's only human of us.

We've lived with the pain so long and we are so tired of the agony that we just want it to be over.

So it is understandable that we want to find a way to fix it all in an instant.

We search for the big experience hoping it will shock us into peace.

Yet the nervous system doesn't work that way.

Shocking it only causes more trauma.

The real answer is to go slow.

To take baby steps.

Focusing on the immediate, small actions we can take.

Not the big, grandiose gestures that do not last.

It can be hard to accept that kind of approach.

We are so used to running fast and getting things done, that we treat our healing path the same way.

Like it is something we need to check off a list of things to accomplish.

But healing from real trauma takes patience.

It takes courage, time, and space.

For every time we rush our nervous system, we only cause more energy to get stuck in it.

Which gives us more to work on when we heal.

However, when we decide to take the gentle route everything changes.

Healing is no longer a race to get to an end but a journey we get to go on.

Our nervous system starts to unwind and let go of old, stuck energies.

We begin to take those small steps that may not seem to lead far in the beginning.

Yet when we look back over time we find that those small steps lead to great changes.

The incremental changes were not obvious at the time.

We might even feel that we are not getting any where with our trauma.

And week after week, month after month, we start to change.

Forming new habits.

Making new choices.

Finding creative ways to deal with difficult situations.

It might seem counter intuitive, yet it works.

Slow and steady really does win the race.

So where in your life are you looking for the big experience?

How are you rushing your own healing journey?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour