Our healing path to wholeness is not linear.

We can feel like we never get anywhere.

The mind can keep bringing us back to the same issues.

Relief seems impossible to achieve.

We work so hard at trying to be better.

To just feel like it is okay to just live in our own skin.

Yet we can still ruminate on all the things we don't feel good about.

About how we don't take care of ourselves.

Or how we never treat ourselves as well as we treat other people.

We look for someone who will just take our pain away.

Someone that can show us how we can get out of the tangled knot that we feel inside our chest.

After dealing with these feelings for so long we just want to give up.

To end our misery any way possible.

While the mind can be a great ally, it can also keep us stuck.

For no one else can ever take our own pain away.

It is ours to work through and to process.

Our pain is what builds our emotional muscles.

Working through it is what gives us strength and builds our confidence.

It is the resistance that we push against that brings us to new place.

A place of knowing that we can deal with difficult things.

That we can survive even the most painful moments.

And that our trauma does not always have to define us.

The relief we seek is just the other side of our pain.

Out beyond our fear and our disappointment.

Only our expectations make it so hard to achieve.

For we expect it to go the way we think we want it to go.

Not the way it has to go for us to truly find the joy we seek.

It can feel like we are working on ourselves for years without seeing a result.

Yet every step on the healing journey is building upon the previous step.

Every single opportunity that we take to dig in a little deeper, takes us to a whole new level of understanding and feeling.

Until one day, when we least expect it, we do have the breakthrough we have been hoping for.

We finally feel our way through the most painful feelings and find our way to peace.

Maybe even joy.

For healing finds us just when we think we will never find it.

And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it all feels worth it.

The long nights, the dreaded days, they all led us to where we are now.

In the place of wholeness and acceptance.

Just when we needed to be there.

Do you feel you have been working far too long on your healing?

Can you have the patience and the fortitude to keep on just a little bit longer?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour