We all want to make big leaps.

To move forward on our healing path quickly.

And get to the point of feeling better as soon as possible.

Wanting some relief from our suffering.

There is nothing wrong with wanting things to change right away.

Though the reality is that healing takes time.

It happens in small steps.

As one builds on top of the other, we may not see the progress.

So it feels like we are not making any headway with our challenges.

Yet the truth is that each small step is a big step forward.

And every time we show up for ourselves, we actually are making a difference in our life.

Being impatient comes from having suffered for so long.

For we make effort after effort, and still we are suffering.

Just as when we water a seed waiting for it to sprout, patience will serve us.

Nature just works this way.

We water and water and water the seed.

Nothing seems to be happening.

Yet underneath the surface the roots are starting to grow.

The seed is turning into a plant.

Until one day, after what seems like an eternity to us, a stem comes up through the ground.

It starts off so small.

Almost too tiny to see.

And it starts to grow and grow until we have a beautiful plant before us.

That is how our healing journey works.

So much is happening under the surface each time we make an effort.

Even when it seems like nothing is changing for us, we are actually feeding the change we want to see.

Until that day when all our effort pays off and suddenly we feel the shift.

We see a change within us that we never noticed before.

Our life shifts before our eyes.

And we come to our hearts.

It may have taken longer than we wanted.

But it happened sooner that we thought.

Now we see how all those small steps added up to a big shift in our life.

And we can be grateful for the journey.

So what small steps can you take today?

How can you cultivate more patience for the process?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour