Sometimes it is hard to feel grateful.

There is so much in our lives and the world that causes us pain.

We fear for what will happen tomorrow or the next day.

All of our concerns take us out of gratitude and peace.

Because ultimately they take us out of presence.

For in the present moment everything is usually okay.

The fears and concerns we have are all about the past or the future.

Rarely are they about what is happening right here, right now.

If we can just stop for a moment and be here in the now, we might find something that surprises us.

In this present moment there is actually a lot to be grateful for.

We are alive. we have our breath, we have shelter and food.

Sometimes it can feel like we do not have much.

Until we step out of our own life and see that there are others who have so much less.

When we are called to have gratitude from an external source, we might resist it.

For it is not something that is coming up naturally for us.

This is understandable.

Still, we can cultivate gratitude if we want to.

We can change how we feel if we are willing to.

And when we make the decision to find things to be grateful for we can find them.

Then gratitude become a choice.

Choosing to find things that we can feel gratitude for is a power within all of us.

It is our choice to exercise this power or not.

So if you are not feeling gratitude this moment, perhaps there is a reason.

What are you focusing on?

Where is your attention?

If you want to stay where you, you can just keep focusing on those things.

Should you want to change that feeling, you can.

Change your focus, change what you are giving your attention to, and you will change your feelings.

The choice is your.

What are you choosing to feel right now?

Would it feel better to find something else to be grateful for instead?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour