As human beings we all have needs.

The need for love, recognition, companionship, and many more.

Yet many times these needs go unfulfilled.

And it can be easy to get resentful.

We can trap ourselves in a cycle of judging ourselves for wanting something more.

Then being resentful because we are not receiving it.

Every time we want to do something to feed our souls we seem to stop ourselves.

Even though it is something we desire so much, somehow, those needs don't get met.

It can be easy to blame others for our lack of fulfillment.

When we do we miss an opportunity.

The opportunity to grow and evolve.

To look deeper into ourselves as to why things are going the way they are.

For if we can really be honest with ourselves, it is not others who are stopping us from getting our needs met.

It is ourselves.

Our own judgment and criticism of ourselves.

We stop ourselves much more than anyone else can.

As it is ultimately our choice, our decision.

The Decisions that we make everyday are what cause our needs not to be met.

Yet that is a hard truth to come to.

If we can allow ourselves to be that honest with ourselves, then we can move forward.

Then we can actually give a voice to our needs.

And we can hear them, often for the first time.

When we vocalize and give recognition to our needs, then others can really hear us.

Then we can start to do something to actually get those needs met.

It does take courage to speak our needs.

For there is always the fear that they still won't be met.

Yet it is the only way for us to even have the possibility of getting our needs meet.

Giving a voice to what we really need out of life is one of the most important things we can do.

If we are to ever be happy with our lives, it is a must.

And when we do, life has a funny way of bringing our needs to us.

So do you have unmet needs that you haven't given a voice to yet?

Can you find a way to start to speak up for your own needs?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour