In today's world it is easy to get distracted and loose focus.

There is so much to learn.

So much to do.

Yet the more we divide our attention the less we get done.

Now is especially a time for us to stay focused.

There is so much power in focus.

There is so much relief in it.

For as we learn to say no to more and more things that are calling for our attention, we are saying yes to what we really want.

We are saying yes to our dreams.

We are saying yes to our intentions.

As we focus we are directing our energy more consciously.

We concentrate our attention first, then we focus our action.

We also focus our creativity and our talents.

As we build up our energy and our action in one direction we make more progress.

We feel better as we accomplish more.

We see the fruits of our labor sooner.

Our results increase and our rewards are more visible.

All through the simple act of focusing.

It's not magic and it certainly is not a secret.

So why is it so hard for us to do?

Because we are not used to it.

We have been bombarded with so many things calling for our attention for so long that we are out of practice.

Out of practice saying no to people.

Saying no to ourselves.

And saying yes to just one thing at a time.

Focus creates a milestone against which to measure things.

Is it supportive of my focus or not?

A simple yes or no question that will serve us all well.

So where in your own life can you limit your attention?

Where can you say no to more things and yes to only things that are your true focus?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant