No one wants to feel pain.

We all strive to get past it.

In fact, we will do almost anything to avoid it.

Sometimes we bury it deep inside.

No matter what we do, it still exists.

Hiding deep inside our bodies.

Our cells remember the pain.

Even if we don't.

The nervous system holds on to all of it like a giant hard drive.

Waiting for us to do something about it.

It may manifest as carrying extra weight in our bodies.

Or by a nervous energy that keeps us active all the time.

Regardless of how it shows up for us, there is only one solution.

The only way to be free from our pain is to do the one thing we don't want to do.

We need to feel it.

To breathe through it.

For it only by acknowledging the pain inside of us that we can be at peace with it.

It is only by feeling it again that we can release it.

We must walk through the fire of the pain to come out the other side.

And when we do, there is so much waiting for us.

The other side of the pain is where our future lies.

It is where our peace is.

And to get to it we must brave being in the depths of those intense emotions.

It can hurt so bad that we never want to feel that way again.

So we close ourselves off from feeling.

And by doing that we no longer the pain.

The problem is that when we close ourselves off from our feelings, we are closed to the good feelings as well.

We loose our connection to our joy, our happiness.

The richness of life.

So as difficult as it may be to feel the pain, the sorrow, and the despair, it is the only way to heal it.

To truly let it go we must dig into it and feel it so we can be free of it.

And the freedom we feel when we do can be exquisite,

The lightness and the newness that comes after the rawness of the emotions is real.

And they last.

For once we feel and release the pain there is now space for something new to exist.

Something light and fresh and whole.

Is that not worth it?

Do you know what pain you are holding onto that stops you from being free?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant