There are many places to explore in this world.

And there are lots of other worlds to explore as well.

It is part of human nature to want to explore.

We are fascinated by what we don't know.

Humans are driven to always learn about what is not yet understood.

There is so much still to explore in our world.

The depths of the oceans, the hidden jungles, the layers of history buried beneath our feet.

Yet there is still one great unknown that we are intensely interested in exploring even more.

That is the mystery of our own consciousness.

For what greater depths are there than our own psyche, our own mind?

It is still a mystery how our consciousness even came to be.

We seek to understand ourselves on such a deep level so we can make sense of the world around us.

To find our place in this universe.

And most importantly, to understand our pain and suffering.

There are so many theories and so many assumptions.

We are constantly bumping up against their limits and want to understand even deeper truths.

Where was our consciousness before we were born?

And where does consciousness go when we die?

We see life all around us, yet we don't know if any of it is conscious the way we are.

We get confused by all we see in our life.

And that drives us to want to understand ourselves better.

Not only do we want to understand our place in the world, we want to explore why we show up in the world the way we do.

Why do we pick the partners we do?

How do we deal with the pain we have felt since we were children?

What can we do to feel better about ourselves?

These kind of questions motivate us to want to understand our inner working on a truly personal level.

As well as wanting to understand human beings as whole better.

Our motivations, our hopes and dreams, our frailties and our faults.

It all drives us to explore our consciousness in new, and sometimes ancient ways.

To stop and just sit and be with ourselves so we can see ourselves more clearly.

Sure, we sometimes don't want to see what's there.

The fear of truly seeing our tortured souls can be formidable.

It takes someone of strong heart or strong pain to continue on this path of exploration.

Yet is can be the most rewarding path of all.

To truly know oneself.

And be present to all of our internal struggles and visions.

To look at ourselves naked in the mirror and accept ourselves as being imperfectly human does not come easily.

Yet we keep at it and we keep walking down the path to greater understanding.

There are worlds to explore inside of us as well as outside of us.

Which worlds we decide to explore is entirely up to us.

Perhaps when we've truly explored our own depths we will be able to explore the depths of the universe in peaceful harmony.

So are you ready to explore your own internal depths?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour