This world is very achievement oriented.

We are taught to set goals and do something big with our lives.

Like become a best-selling author.

Or a movie star.

Fame and fortune are so deeply prized, that we forget things of value in the process of achieving them.

It is not uncommon to meet people who have achieved some level of status, and then stop growing.

They may keep pursuing more money or more fame.

Yet they forgot to keep honing their skills or trying something new.

In the world of self-improvement, we might find someone who has become top of the field.

They have published books, sold out appearances, and made their fortune.

And when we see them in setting where they are not on stage we may find they are still looking to be the center of attention.

Or just stay with their group of close friends and never mingle.

It can make you wonder, are they really doing their work?

Just because we have achieved a level of success does not mean we still do not have our own challenges to face.

All too often we have heard the tale of someone who has achieved some success only to abuse or traumatize others with their own shadow.

Success in the material world does not equal personal and spiritual development.

We do not become enlightened by making millions of dollars.

Which is why it is important to deal with the shadow aspects of fame and fortune before we achieve them.

For when we have dealt with our own triggers, masks, and traumas, only then can we be whole enough to hold the spotlight without it going to our ego.

Of course this is not true of everyone who achieves success.

Many people who have struggled to make it continue to do their work as they become successful.

The reminder of continuing to do our work, of going deeper with our process, is one we cannot forget.

For while we remain humble, and know that we do not know everything no matter how far we've come, we can continue to serve others int he greatest way possible.

By achieving success and forgetting our lessons we serve no one.

Yet when our hearts are open and our intention remains to serve, we have truly learned our lessons.

Until we come to another lesson to learn.

And we keep learning.

Until the day we no longer breathe.

As we keep learning and growing, we continue to thrive.

Not just in making money, but in enriching our soul.

Are you continuing to do your own deep work?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour