There are times when we look to improve ourselves.

To do better at something.

Or just to feel better about our life.

We can face many challenges to get there.

Often, we just don't know how to do it.

How to change our behavior or make new decisions.

We may find ourselves in unknown or unfamiliar territory.

Not quite sure which way to turn or what to do.

It is unsettling to be there.

So we look for a map.

Or a guide who can show us the way.

Perhaps a coach or a therapist, or even a facilitator of some kind.

Because we need a direction or guidance to find our way.

One tool that can help us is to find someone who has already done what we seek to do.

A person who is a few steps, or many, ahead of us.

They may have already embodied that new way of being.

And can stand as an example for us to follow.

Yet what we really need to do is to entrain to their energy.

To align with the feeling they emit.

While this may sound easy it is far from it.

For it takes focus, energy, and attention to break the habit of being ourselves and embody a new way of being.

To allow ourselves to be molded into a new you.

Entrainment happens on a cellular or nervous system level.

Not in our conscious minds.

For it is a much more subtle process.

Certain exercises or practices may help and support the change.

Yet in order to fully align to the new way of being, we have to shift on a fundamental level.

Sometimes we don't have someone to directly work with.

So we need to find a character, an archetype, or a role model of some kind instead.

Regardless of who it is, to have that example of how to embody a new way of being is essential.

If we don't have one at the moment, we keep looking until we find them.

And they may turn up in the most unexpected places.

Being open and aware is key in this process.

For once we have our model to follow, and we have embodied their example, we can now grow beyond it.

And soon we will be entraining others.

So the cycle continues.

Do you have someone to model and entrain to?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour