Life brings us so many things.

Some are expected, some are not.

We tend to have a harder time with those that are not expected.

Yet there is often a gift with those very same events.

Some may seem tragic.

Others, may seem delightful.

What the actual experience is, is not as important as how we receive it.

And to receive it well takes practice.

It takes cultivating an energy of openness, receptivity, and fluidity.

To hold our expectations lightly.

Stepping forward without any preconceived notions or projections.

It means allowing life to surprise us.

Not just in some ways, but in every way.

For when we are willing to drop our expectations and allow ourselves to get lost, both figuratively and literally, we discover new wonders.

New adventures.

We find new things out about ourselves.

As we learn to live with curiosity and trust, instead of fear and doubt.

We will deepen our trust in life.

For we may not know how tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year will go.

Yet as we learn to trust, we are empowered to move forward and face tomorrow.

Whatever it may bring.

For life will teach us new lessons every day, if we are open to seeing and experiencing the lessons.

And it is always up to us to learn these lessons and decide to grow, or reject them and then stagnate.

There is so much power in dancing with the unknown.

In letting go of our expectations and living in the present moment.

Being right here, right now, to experience what is in front of us.

Without thinking about tomorrow or the next day.

Just be with the unexpected and give it space.

Space inside ourselves, and space in our lives.

To see with curiosity what will unfold next.

What will come to us next.

And what magic life still has in store for us.

Great inconveniences can lead to great outcomes.

Amazing situations can lead to incredible friendships, support, and community.

For when we share the results of the unexpected with others, they will come together to shre with us their experiences as well.

And then our community grows tighter.

When we share our struggles with the unknown, it's grip is lightened and our spirits rise up.

And that is unexpected indeed..

So how are you at handling the unexpected?

What can you do to lighten your grip on your own expectations?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour