Today is a new day.

Each morning we rise to a fresh start.

A blank canvas upon which to paint our future.

Yet it is not entirely blank.

Each new day is built on yesterday.

Every new morning we have comes as a result of previous day.

What we experience now is not only about the present moment.

For we have built this moment with all of our past moments.

This does not mean we must carry the past into our future.

Yet in order to truly be free from what we have experienced before, we need to bring more awareness to this present moment.

When we ignore our past and the energy we have put into our life, we remain stuck in those past moments.

If we reflect and ponder on what we have created before and how we wish to change it, then we can rise above those circumstances and truly create something brand new.

Our energy speaks much louder than our intentions.

How we show up in our lives, and the energy with which we choose to create our new day, will not only determine what today looks like, but tomorrow as well.

For each step on the path moves us towards one mountain top or another.

We decide which mountain we are going to climb long before to get to the base of the mountain.

The map of our lives is drawn by the direction we face and the steps we take in that direction.

Our stories are written by the little moments in each day and how we choose to show up for ourselves.

Changing direction is not that hard, as long as we first have the awareness of which we are currently moving.

If we want to move south, we must first know if we are currently moving east or west or north.

And if we have been moving north for a while it might take a little longer to turn south than we anticipated.

If we lost our compass and have no idea what direction we are moving, then we truly must search deep inside to find our center in order to discover where we truly are.

For when we connect to our hearts, we can always find our direction.

Yet when we are in fear, doubt, anger, shame, or rage, our internal compass is hard to connect to.

So to create a new day from the moment we rise, connecting to our heart is the most important thing we can do.

Knowing that yesterday's trail may not serve us today.

The heart knows what we want to create and where we want to go.

Learning to listen to it is the most powerful way to step into our unwritten future.

So what will you create today?

What direction is your heart calling for you to travel to this new day?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour