We can all be creative.We create in different ways all the time.We don't have to be an artist or a musician to be creative.So what stops us from being creative?From feeling those creative juices flowing?Is it about pressure and deadlines?Or about inspiration?Maybe we don't have enough to stimulate ourselves?Or maybe it is something else...Maybe it has nothing to do with the external world.Maybe it has more to do with our connection to our soul.Sometimes, when we feel that we've made a mistake, or taken a wrong turn, we blame ourselves.We diminish ourselves.We judge ourselves.When we do that, we cut ourselves off from our joy.From our passion.From our spirit.When we feel unworthy or broken, how can we let new ideas in?How can we dance and play?It is only by connecting with our innocence that we can begin to create.To make something new.To solve a difficult problem.To turn things around.To connect to our innocence takes intimacy with ourselves.It takes truthfulness.It takes connection and community.For if we encourage ourselves just a little, we can achieve a lot.If we can be gentle with ourselves, and allow the time we need to heal our inner wounds, we can find that place inside of us.That place we hide away when we don't feel safe.That amazing little place where we feel whole and complete and can run wild.There is joy inside, somewhere deep within all of us.Sometimes it surfaces.And we allow ourselves to play, to create.Creation is not about making something.It is about playing with our imagination.To run free in it's field of possibilities.To conceive of what might be.Not what is.To imbue all the ideas before us with breath.As we breath.As we dance around in wonder and awe.What can we create today?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant