There is an old belief that competition makes us better.

That it causes us to try harder.

To strive more.

Yet in today's world things have shifted.

This old model does not work anymore.

And it certainly is not sustainable.

Competition is force that drive a wedge between us.

It keeps us separate and apart.

Like a virus that conquers the cells in our body and causes disease.

Competition keeps us from cooperating and helping each other.

Yet what we need is the exact opposite.

It is not competition that drives innovation.

It is cooperation.

For when we come together and work together we can accomplish great things.

Bringing people together in cooperation is the greatest grift we have.

It is how all of our biggest structures have been built.

Cooperation is what made it possible to build the pyramids.

Or the Eiffel Tower.

It is how we are able to send people into space.

Explore the polar regions.

And map the deepest parts of the oceans.

It is through cooperation that we will survive as a species.

For if all we promote is competition, then we will surely succumb to the challenges in front of us.

Cooperation allows us to make some of the greatest medical breakthroughs.

It has raised the standard of living and created a less violent world.

Yet we still have a lot to learn.

While both cooperation and competition exist side by side, one must ultimately prevail.

We must learn to think and act differently.

To stop this virus known as competition.

The antidote is cooperation.

We can see it so clearly in our own lives.

Even on the smallest level.

When a family comes together and works together to achieve a goal it easily surpasses a family that does not.

By coming together, especially in difficult times, we get through any challenge is much easier way.

When we go it alone, it is always harder.

The trick is to come together before a disaster strikes, not after.

We all benefit from working together.

Cooperation is the key to everyone's success.

So where in your own life can you stop acting out of competition and start acting from cooperation?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour