We all make stories about our lives.

And we create tremendous meaning from those stories.

Our history and our experience colors all of these stories.

To the point that we are convinced all these stories are true.

We are so sure that they happened exactly the way we remember.

Yet we are confused as to why people acted the way they did.

Or why they said what they said.

When we get so focused on the details we can miss the point.

We can lose the lesson to learn because we are only seeing things from a limited perspective.

If we take the time to remember the context, the content can make more sense.

New patterns emerge before our eyes.

A deeper understanding can be achieved when there are more details to fill in the background.

The context gives us a clearer framework with which to see a situation.

Whether that instance was long ago in our childhood, or yesterday at the grocery store.

Even remembering that the situation happened in a store and at home can make a big difference.

The setting, the time, what happened before and after, it all make a huge impact on the meaning we derive from any situation.

It can help us see patterns where there were none before.

Or it can help see new or different patterns that we thought.

And when we discuss these situations it is also helpful to see how things have changed since the situation we are remembering occurred.

For life is not stagnant.

It is in constant motion.

And fluid as water.

Just because we acted one way for many years does not mean there has not been change.

Perhaps with each instance we learned something.

We changed.

And even though our actions were similar, perhaps we modified our actions just a little each time.

Without the context we cannot see the change clearly.

We cannot see how we have changed or how others have changed in the process.

So when we decide to look at a particular point in our lives, it is always helpful to remember what came before and what came after.

For nothing in our life exists in a vacuum.

It is all interrelated and interwoven.

For we are the products of all we lived up until this very moment.

All of it matters.

So next time we stop to review what happened before or what we did, it is very helpful to put it all in context of all that surrounds it.

Where in your own life do you take things out of context?

How different would those things look if you put them in the proper context of all that surrounded it?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour